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if you watch game of thrones, a show full of murderers, rapists, people who flay others alive, stab pregnant women in the stomach, murder people at weddings, kill family members, zombies, a guy who bashes babies skulls on walls and rapes their mother etc etc

and the character you hate the most is a teenage girl, who has lost her entire family and is living in a city where she cant trust a single person because they either want to fuck her or use her for their own political gain, then you need some serious help, like call a doctor now

make me choose: maggiescharmedlife asked: jackson whittemore or tyler lockwood?


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∟anonymous asked: good!Morgana or evil!Morgana

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anonymous asked: jyler or styler


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jeyton appreciation week 2014 » day one: the moment they became your otp

make me choose: anon asked bash or francis.

make me chooseanonymous asked me
hazel grace lancaster or allison argent